This Is The Funky Part Available Everywhere!!

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“Chock full of spellbinding jam sessions, infectious saxophone lines, searing guitar solos and undeniable grooves, This Is The Funky Part takes the listener on an amusement park ride of an album that keeps them guessing at each and every turn, while drawing comparisons to bands in the vein of Lettuce, Umphrey’s McGee and Lotus.” – HEAR Magazine

“The Royal Noise resuscitates the ghost of funk with their ambitious third record. This Is The Funky Part serves up a splendid mix of rhythmic jazz and beguiling rock and roll licks, with twists of ambiance throughout, imploring listeners to dance their asses off”Chris Pendergast, Encore Magazine

“This Is The Funky Part is cheeky, sexy, suggestive and sophisticated – she’s the sort of seductress that is frankly habit-forming”Peter Mavrogeorgis, Producer (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The National, Grinderman, Alice Texas, Philip Glass)

“This Is The Funky Part continues to illuminate why this Philadelphia band is a part of many conversations critics are having about prestigious young artists… pure mothership connection funk”Kevin Tshiamala, RELIX MAGAZINE, HGMN

 “This band is air tight and they don’t care who knows it.” – Lara Supan, THAT MUSIC MAG

“Frequently virtuosic with deep cranked grooves – some of their best work to date” – Simon Eddie, Home Grown Music Network

“It’s not hard to see why Philadelphia band The Royal Noise has been able to put together such a comprehensive touring schedule… delving into the realms of jam, funk and jazz, spinning out a flurry of groovy sounds.” – Kyle Taylor, Funkadelphia

“Comparing oneself to royalty or using the term to describe a character trait is usually reserved for those of great importance or power.  This 4-piece, high-energy, jam-band from the east coast not only exhibits royalty, but also has the talent to prove it.  The band’s playing ability is exceptional, they have amazing chops and this quartet puts on a high-overdrive, hard-hitting performance.”  – Andrew Tuckman, JamBand Friendly


So in the interest of spreading the funk far and wide we’ve decided to go ahead and let you stream the entire album in a conveniently packaged Soundcloud playlist!! ENJOY!!